World Landscape Architecture Month: Celebrating Our Profession

I strongly believe that if we work a third of our lives and sleep a third of our lives, the remainder should be spent outside, either alone or with partners, friends, and loved ones to find respite and solace, be active, and be one with nature. Outside spaces of natural beauty are highly beneficial to our psychological and physical needs. Along with natural landscapes come a host of built environments, and that’s where landscape architecture comes in.

The creation of the term happened in 1858, when Frederick Law Olmstead and Calvert Vaux signed their names and listed their titles as “landscape architects” on a competition entry for Central Park in New York, which they later won. Since then, the creation of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) in 1899 has inspired thousands of students to go to school to study the profession, numerous firms to be created, and countless designs developed for the land within our built environment.

The landscape architecture profession brings enormous benefits to society. It adds value to the design process, resulting in landscapes that increase development values and help with marketing; it improves the idea of green infrastructure and the amount of pressure exerted on city pipes/infrastructure; and it results in the creation of places for people to gather, encouraging healthy lifestyles and generally improving quality of life.

These spaces are parks, urban plazas, gardens, and tree-lined streets located everywhere from cities to rural areas, including within urban mixed-use developments, university campuses, corporate campuses, hospitals, cultural and civic centers, and a myriad of other development types.

SmithGroupJJR has been working in this profession since 1961 and we are proud of our robust team of landscape architects who have created spaces for clients around the world—from China to Greece, and throughout the United States—for every project type imaginable.

During World Landscape Architecture Month in April, alongside our worldwide landscape architecture colleagues, we will celebrate how the profession adds value to our world and shapes the communities in which we live. We’ll be on our social media platforms using the hashtag #WLAM2018, to recognize our past, current, and planned creations. We are exceedingly proud to be a part of this important dialogue.

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