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SmithGroupJJR’s practice experts share their unique perspective on the issues, trends and innovations shaping inspired architectural, engineering, planning and design solutions. Comments and counter-points are welcomed.

Blurring Boundaries with Emerging Technologies and Traditional Design Methods

Throughout time, the design process has included many methods and tools to visualize and test building and urban design concepts before they’re constructed—from scale models of the Il Duomo di Firenze to Le Corbusier’s perspective sketches of future cities. The ...
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A Golden Opportunity: Bringing our Senior Living Philosophy to China

Working in planning and design means no two days are ever alike. Never has this been truer than on my recent trip to China where I spent a whirlwind seven days traveling from Jinan, Shanghai, and Dalian with SmithGroupJJR’s Dennis ...
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The Big Misunderstanding About Micro Units

There is an emerging trend in the U.S. housing market of tiny, studio apartments referred to as micro units. In the context of a growing market, I have witnessed local officials conflating the trend of tiny living spaces with affordable ...
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The Fusion of Art and Architecture (Photo: Emily Hagopian Photography)

Fusing Art and Architecture to Create Healing Spaces

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLBYt9Xxwf0 Each is a form of creative expression and perspective. And each evokes an emotional response from an audience. But how do these two forms of expression come together to move audiences in a healthcare setting? Architecture uses space and ...
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The Race to Digitize the Globe

Urban designers and planners frequently consult 3D imagery from Google Earth and other online mapping services to get a sense of existing site conditions. If you’ve used Google Earth or Apple Maps recently, you’ll notice that the 3D imagery is ...
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Does consistency matter?

Calatrava's new PATH station in downtown Manhattan is amazing. A beautiful, anthropomorphic, expressionistic, modern gothic cathedral of light, it sits uncomfortably adjacent to its neighbors, boxes of commercial space optimized for FAR maximization. Its ribs arch gracefully, never embracing one ...
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The Dichotomies Within Our Healthcare Delivery System

I was working out the other day, viewing several flat screens, as is possible in a gym. I saw rather graphic footage of soldiers assaulting Ramadi, with dust, destruction, bleeding children, and misery. Simultaneously, on a different screen, was pristine ...
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Representation + Interpretation [part four]

As Descartes tells us, the only knowledge that we can trust is our own, hence his famous dictum, "Cogito ergo sum," (I think, therefore I am).[1] Descartes’ argument is that everything, including reality, is doubtful. But by thinking about, even ...
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Representation + Interpretation [part three]

In the sci-fi thriller Inception, Leonardo DiCaprio plays Dominick Cobb, a professional thief and former architect who, along with his partner Arthur, specializes in stealing secrets from his victims by infiltrating their dreams: a process known as extraction. We are ...
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Representation + Interpretation [part two]

In this 4 part essay I will attempt to situate “the representation and interpretation of being” and what it means—or rather could mean—in regards to reality (and to a further extent, architecture) through the use of various scholars and thinkers, ...
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